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More About The NRSL Rankings.

We have developed a method for unifying the athletes into a single population and comparing the whole of an individual's results against that population. The median race time to which we standardized minimizes the scaling done to each subset of the population and retain accuracy. Erg results are included but are outweighed by water results, which rewards standout athletes on the erg without unfairly disrupting the data-set.

More About this BETA Version

For this first version we decided to concentrate on the performance of "Elite" level rowers in significant U.S. regattas/indoor rowing during 2015. In our next iteration we will expand into the 2016 season will include international competitions as well. As the NRSL develops we will include, in their own separate categories, junior, middle school, and masters rowers and scullers, providing each athlete their own separate bio page. Your feedback is critical, please contact us with your suggestions.

2015 events used in this β Ranking:

  • NSR I
  • NSR II
  • Trials I
  • Trials II
  • East Coast Speed Order - 6k erg
  • East Coast Speed Order - Row
  • HOCR
  • Pan Am Trials


NRSL provides a ranking of rowers and scullers based on both points earned at events and their Power Score which calculates how well they row. Follow the racers throughout the year.

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